DV-recorder video impedance fix

Yesterday this DV-recorder landed in my mailbox. However, when i connected it, the quality of the picture was really bad. So i wrote this guide on how to fix this problem. As usual you get what you pay for, but 40$ to get a DVR to help you find your aircraft in case of a crash is pretty good.

Photo 2014-04-07 20 18 21

If you want to check this upgrade out, you can find it in my projects section HERE

The tricopter is alive again

I recently ordered some stuff from Hobbyking to get my old slaughtered tricopter flying again. The stuff have been lying in a drawer for some time now, scince i’ve been keeping myself busy with my planes.

So a couple of days ago i finally got around to assemble it. I didn’t document the build, as it wasn’t meant to be good looking, however after a couple of hours i started doing more and more things to get it to look nice. When the build was finished, i must say i rather like the looks of it.



The season is upon us?

Or at least that´s what you might think when you see all the new toys i´m getting.

The past days parcels from all over have been dropping down in my mailbox. Here are a couple of pictures of the new stuff which includes new ESCs and a lot more stuff to get my tricopter (which was slaughtered in favour of other projects) up in the air again.

It also includes a OrangeRx 433 LRS Tx/Rx, so hopefully no more worrying about loosing contact with my aircrafts for at least a couple of miles.



What i´ve been up to…

The last month has been hectic as far as my hobby goes. Apart from FPVing my Techone Mini Tempo 3D (which you can read about in an earlier post) i have placed alot of orders at Hobbyking and Surveilzone.

I have also been building and modifying some of my planes. For instance i´m in the process of rebuilding my tricopter, which was slaughtered for parts when it started flying funny a couple of months ago. New ESCs, replacement LCD for the KK2 board and some other parts are on it´s way.


I have updated the firmware in my OSD and are now running CL-OSD firmware with alot of improvements, for instance a RTH-arrow :) Read more about it here - http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1490446


I have built a helical antenna to get better range from my 1,2ghz video. If you´re interested there are loads of info about it here - http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1377791
Thank you IBCrazy for everything you do for free for us FPVers!


I´ve also done some flying with my AXN floater. This pic is from a cold and early morning a couple of weeks ago.


A 433mhz OrangeRx LRS-system is also on it´s way from HK, scince my futaba transmitter seems to have lost it´s ability to control my plane further away then 200m (this is possibly because i may have turned it on without antenna on, and that´s really really bad apparently). :)

That´s just some of the things i have done the past month, now back to work!

Back on track?

After the week when i destroyed most of my working FPV-gear (mostly due to incompetence)
i kinda lost the spark for a while. But now it´s returning, and hopefully the weather is
getting a little better as well.

I have placed some orders at surveilzone.com and hobbyking.com to replace the broken parts.

1.2ghz 100mw VTx

Motor 1
Motor 2

So now i´m waiting patiently for the packages to arrive so i can get at least one plane
in the air.

Rough week

Ok, so i was almost done with the FPV conversion of my Viggen, and was really looking forward to the re-maiden.

The last thing to do was to put the camera on it and test the video. When i connected the 4s battery i heard a small *poff*. I imediately dissconnected it. Then it hit me, the OSD was only good for up to 3s. Damn! BUT the OSD wasn´t the only thing that was damaged. At the same time the video out function on my 808-camera was damaged.

Ok, took my spare OSD and 808-camera and tested it. Seemed to be working good. Out to the field for a test flight. When i tested the plane i noticed the thrust wasn´t nearly as good as i had thought. Threw the plane in the air anyway (i really have to start grounding my planes when they´re not 100% functional). The plane was lacking power and i had a hard time keeping it in the air. I started to get nervous and was trying to get back to the landing spot fast when a tree was in the way. I touched a branch which cut a big hole in the main wing, but luckily i managed to land the plane safely.

After repairing the wing, i decided to take off the cloverleaf antenna to see if it was the antenna that was causing the plane to feel low on power. This was shitty idea number 4. I took of the antenna without powering of the video transmitter, which caused the VTx to burn.

So after this week, i have a Viggen with a hole in the wing who will not fly because it´s lacking power for some reason. I have a camera which can no longer be used for FPV, a defective OSD and no working VTx…

I´m really glad this week is coming to an end :/

Bad Viggen flight – faulty ESC – RCcaptain.com from RCcaptain on Vimeo.