Just got back from the field. The rain have stopped me from flying for a week or so, but tonight it was time for some FPV. And what an evening! Just when i got to the field the clouds parted and the wind stopped almost completely. I got to test my new crosshair antenna with amazing results. A new personal record in distance, 3,5km. I saw no fading in my 100mw video so i could probably have gone further, but a problem with my remote control who kept beeping like crazy meant i didn´t dare to fly further out.

Still almost twice the distance i´ve flown before, exactly half the distance of my current goal of 7km. I´m getting there!

What amazed me about the crosshair antenna was that it had a very wide beam. I´m liking it so far and i´m looking forward to putting more flights on it.

New goal

Since i reached my cloudsurfing goal, i now need to find a new one. And i already did. The new goal is to fly out over the ocean to have a look at an island. To do this i need at least 7 kilometers of solid video and control.
The first step to improve my video range was to build a new Rx antenna, so tonight i built IBCrazys crosshair antenna. Hopefully i can make some testflights tomorrow, but it all depends on the weather.

Photo 2014-05-13 22 49 42

April-May video

The last weeks have been great FPV-weeks, i have been out flying almost every day. Lunch flying, night flying, morning flying, basicly any type of flying. I had a great flight at my parents place today by the sea but right now i´m sitting in front of my computer and are rendering a film showing some of the high points of the last months FPVing.

So without further ado i give you this, i hope it can inspire someone to a flight.

FPV flying April-May 2014 – RCcaptain from RCcaptain on Vimeo.

JAW1 has entered the test phase

Almost half a year have passed scince i built my JAW1, a flying wing designed by me fitting my own needs. A couple of days ago i finally got to maiden it and the result so far is impressive. A build page will be published in the projects section when i have done some more testing. The latest update in the design is the addition of a KK2-board flashed with the OpenAero2 firmware which hopefully will be flight tested tonight.

Edit: The testflight did NOT go as planned. After 6 failed start attempts the wing was so beat up, it was unflyable.
Now i´m rebuilding it with new idéas for the center section. More to come…

Photo 2014-05-04 22 29 14

DV-recorder video impedance fix

Yesterday this DV-recorder landed in my mailbox. However, when i connected it, the quality of the picture was really bad. So i wrote this guide on how to fix this problem. As usual you get what you pay for, but 40$ to get a DVR to help you find your aircraft in case of a crash is pretty good.

Photo 2014-04-07 20 18 21

If you want to check this upgrade out, you can find it in my projects section HERE