Futaba mod

Again it´s been some time since the last update, but as you may know by now autumn here in Sweden is windy and not at all a good time for flying. Today i took the miniquad out for a flight though, and even though i didn´t get any good video, it was very nice to fly some again.

I´ve realized i´ve forgotten to share a video i made some time ago in which i demonstrate my Futaba mods. So here it is :)


Yep, despite windy conditions i maidened the miniquad today. It needs alot of tuning, so i’ve changed some things on the nanowii and will continue the testing tomorrow.
I found this nice guide to the multiwii configurator, it explains the basic functions of the program in a good way https://youtube.com/watch?v=qT3MlyRvy9w

If you wan’t to look at the boring film from the maiden, here it is

MiniQuad testflight – RCcaptain.com from RCcaptain on Vimeo.

MiniQuad maiden

Ok, so the miniquad i’ve been working on is now ready to hit the streets. This is the mini sold by banggoods and i’m very much looking forward to testing it tomorrow. I’ve done a couple of flights today LOS, but tonight i mounted the FPV-gear on it and if the weather is ok i will test it tomorrow (the weather looks windy and rainy though, so it could be delayed to tuesday). I’ll keep you updated on this.

AUW is 600gr, and the gear is a 808-keychain camera, a CCD fpv-camera, 200mw 5,8ghz VTx and a nanowii flight controller.


Less is more

A month ago or so, i ordered a mini-quad, and yesterday it finally arrived. I emediately started the work of assembling it.

Proximity is the thing if we wan’t to keep FPVing, and luckily it’s more thrilling then long range i think. I just can’t wait to try this new quad out!



Summer update

The tricopter is getting alot of love now, and the updates are among other 1,2ghz video and OSD with gps.
I´ve also joined the large number of people liking the E-props from Graupner. They are awesome, almost perfectly balanced from right out of the box!

Here´s some pictures from some flying the other night.

Foto 2014-07-30 20 57 49

Foto 2014-07-30 20 57 56

And here´s a movie of some random flights from this summer.

Random summer FPV 2014, tricopter and plane – RCcaptain.com from RCcaptain on Vimeo.