Less is more

A month ago or so, i ordered a mini-quad, and yesterday it finally arrived. I emediately started the work of assembling it.

Proximity is the thing if we wan’t to keep FPVing, and luckily it’s more thrilling then long range i think. I just can’t wait to try this new quad out!



Summer update

The tricopter is getting alot of love now, and the updates are among other 1,2ghz video and OSD with gps.
I´ve also joined the large number of people liking the E-props from Graupner. They are awesome, almost perfectly balanced from right out of the box!

Here´s some pictures from some flying the other night.

Foto 2014-07-30 20 57 49

Foto 2014-07-30 20 57 56

And here´s a movie of some random flights from this summer.

Random summer FPV 2014, tricopter and plane – RCcaptain.com from RCcaptain on Vimeo.


Just got back from the field. The rain have stopped me from flying for a week or so, but tonight it was time for some FPV. And what an evening! Just when i got to the field the clouds parted and the wind stopped almost completely. I got to test my new crosshair antenna with amazing results. A new personal record in distance, 3,5km. I saw no fading in my 100mw video so i could probably have gone further, but a problem with my remote control who kept beeping like crazy meant i didn´t dare to fly further out.

Still almost twice the distance i´ve flown before, exactly half the distance of my current goal of 7km. I´m getting there!

What amazed me about the crosshair antenna was that it had a very wide beam. I´m liking it so far and i´m looking forward to putting more flights on it.

New goal

Since i reached my cloudsurfing goal, i now need to find a new one. And i already did. The new goal is to fly out over the ocean to have a look at an island. To do this i need at least 7 kilometers of solid video and control.
The first step to improve my video range was to build a new Rx antenna, so tonight i built IBCrazys crosshair antenna. Hopefully i can make some testflights tomorrow, but it all depends on the weather.

Photo 2014-05-13 22 49 42

April-May video

The last weeks have been great FPV-weeks, i have been out flying almost every day. Lunch flying, night flying, morning flying, basicly any type of flying. I had a great flight at my parents place today by the sea but right now i´m sitting in front of my computer and are rendering a film showing some of the high points of the last months FPVing.

So without further ado i give you this, i hope it can inspire someone to a flight.

FPV flying April-May 2014 – RCcaptain from RCcaptain on Vimeo.